Dementia: Three things you can do to lower your risk of developing the brain disease »


You might concern dementia in older age, however the brain disease is not a standard half of rising older. There are sure things you can do to minimise your risk of developing the situation, that are revealed right here.

The charity Dementia UK attested that “up to one in three cases of dementia are preventable”.

Anything that is going to have an effect on the blood provide to your brain wants to be thought of.

For instance, smoking – whether or not it is cigars, cigarettes or roll-ups – are going to put you at an elevated risk of dementia.

Specifically, hypertension in mid-life has been proven to be a “key factor” that can improve the probability of developing vascular dementia.

The World Alzheimer Report (2014) recorded a number of research that adopted teams of individuals for up to 40 years.

The research discovered that those that suffered from hypertension, between the ages of 40 to 65, had been extra doubtless to develop vascular dementia in later life.

High blood stress places quite a bit of pointless pressure on the arteries, inflicting its partitions to thicken and stiffen over time.


As arteries develop into extra slender – often called arteriosclerosis – fat present in the blood can contribute to the narrowing of the bloodstream passageway.

Arteriosclerosis can happen in the brain, ravenous the muscle of important vitamins and oxygen.

This can harm brain cells, stopping them from performing at an optimum degree.

High blood stress additionally places somebody at an elevated risk of a stroke – when the blood provide to the brain is reduce off.

To assist defend your brain, the finest course of motion shouldn’t be to smoke and train repeatedly.

The latter eradicates three risk elements: hypertension, weight problems and poor bodily well being.

Moving on, the fifth modifiable risk issue – pinpointed by Dementia UK – is alcohol consumption.

It’s necessary to stick inside the authorities tips of not more than 14 models per week – or higher nonetheless, develop into teetotal.



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